Ah, Irony

The guy who writes the minimsft blog has a nicely honed sense of irony.

And you know, speaking of The Commons: I trekked over there today (meh, not the sunniest day) and I have to say it's an impressive space. I walked around admiring the scope of the project, thinking "This is what Windows built. This is what Office built." I then reflected on the irony that it's Mr. Robbie Bach's Entertainment and Devices moving into the new campus with The Commons. Windows and Office funded this extravagant place for the folks who managed to burn through $8,000,000,000USD+ on the Xbox, be shown how it's done right from Nintendo with the Wii, dash the Zune against the juggernaut iPod, and have the iPhone drop-kick WinMobile to Mars.

On a good day, I can convince myself that these are important businesses to be in, and we can afford to lose money to be successful in these business.

Most of the time however, I just try to happily enjoy my XBox 360, Zune, WM6.5 (beta) phone, Media Center, and beautiful keyboard, and try to ignore the fact that I’m paying for all of those products via my stagnant stock (and my nearly 10 years of work on Servers, Windows and Office – all extremely profitable businesses that are funding that E&D campus).

So, thanks for the nice products, E&D. And, you’re welcome.