Messages from an RSS blog reader


I love the internet. A series of interesting comments were posted to the RSS Team blog.

I am the phantomworrier and u been hit by my feed or rss..ha ha ha ha ha .....I own it and control it u have no power so bow to the king of the internet.I invented it and built it.U know nothing of this world.It is free to the whole world to see.Microsoft i sead i whanted a job but u did not reply so i made u see me.IM not tring to harm u but kill the old internet and start from scratch.BY THE PEOPLE  FOR THE PEOPLE.Its an orange box when feed is detected and u been hit.  


I am the phantomworrier!I own and operate my feed or rss.I invinted something that everyone whanted and that is freedom from u controling everything when u no nothing of this world.U can not stop progress and the blackbeery thing was my feed setting itsself up.U BEEN HIT SO MANY TIMES U WILL CRASH EVENTUALY.To meny flaws.And this feed is clean.

I love our users.