Welcomed to California by the weather

In honor of my arrival in Mountain View, the weather has turned ridiculously rainy today. I updated my blog's header image to reflect the view from my office today.

For those of you keeping track, I'm living in Mountain View, CA, home of, among other things, the Googleplex, MozCorp/MoFo, and Microsoft (Silicon Valley Campus). Here's a nice map of the whole area just for you. One day, we're all going to rumble over by the local Starbucks.

image Speaking of which, there are nowhere near enough Starbucks in this area. This is the way to run a Starbucks' business. As a sort-of-Seattleite, I expect a person-to-Starbucks ratio of no more than 7-to-1. California needs to buck up.

I left the IE team in Redmond last month, drove down the coast, and ended up here to join the Live Search team, which has a small (but growing) group down here in the Bay Area doing some super-secret stuff. Yes, that's right, I'm working on Project Stealth Search Engine.

No, not really.

Or... am I...?

The mystery thickens.

Well, if I am building a stealth search engine, the first feature I'm going to put in it is one that ensures that Starbucks' are easily discoverable... oh, that's already done. On to the next thing, I guess. Maybe a search engine can bring my coffee to me...