GNoTE? Global Network of Technology Evangelist!! A fellow MS evangelist has started a cool place for Technology evangelist to hang out. Read more below from Anand. Go check out GNoTE


A few evangelist-friends of mine (from Sun and Yahoo!) and I, have started up a 'special interest organization' under 'SDForum', called 'GNoTE' - Global Network of Technology Evangelists (, under the guidance of Guy Kawasaki. I’ve detailed out the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ in a long-ish blog post.

The vision behind GNoTE is to have an organization that will “house” technology evangelists from around the world. From our (Microsoft’s) perspective, this will give us a great opportunity to network with our evangelist counterparts in our local geographies, learn from others, and further the perception (fact) that we work and play well with others. I’d like for all of us ‘softie evangelists to be members of this org, and for us to contribute and share ideas (

To kick things off, we’re holding a conference on 12/4/2006 in Santa Clara, CA. I could use your help in spreading the word about the launch conference. So if you can blog about it, or can get your friends to blog about it to raise awareness, that’d be just swell. If you’re in town, and will be attending, please let me know so that I can get you a pass. I’ve attached a meeting invite that you can add on to your calendar.