Office Hours

I know not everyone that follows me lives in the Dallas area.  So if you are in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana or other parts of Texas I am going to try to hold “Office Hours” in the different cities I visit.  No fancy stuffy formal office or anything.   My plan is to pick a Starbucks, or Hotel lobby that I can hang out in a few hours and do work, if you want to stop by and talk, it would be great. Let me know what you think of this? Is it a good idea?


This week:

12/1 Houston   Marriott Westchase  December 1st Wednesday from 2-5PM (off Westheimer just before Beltway 8) hotel lobby


Next week:

12/6 Houston Westin Galleria  December 6 Monday from 1-3PM Hotel lobby

12/7 Austin Doubletree North December 7 Tuesday from 8-10 AM hotel lobby

12/8 El Paso  Doubletree  December 8 from 8-10 AM hotel lobby

12/9 New Orleans Sheraton Metairie from 1-3PM hotel lobby


I will be on twitter @technetguy  and on email if you have questions during these times or just stop by and want to chat!