so you want to get the bits to Vista now?

Are you a TechNet subscriber? Well you should be.  If you are, you can go to the Technet site right now and download it.  As you can see below as of today both Vista and Office 2007 are availible to TechNet subscribers. Go get you subscription today!!

Announcing the availability dates of Windows Vista and Office 2007 through TechNet Plus subscriptions

Following the RTM of Windows and Office in the last week, we are now able to confirm the dates when the RTM versions will be available through TechNet Plus subscriptions.

Download availability

from Sunday, November 12th

from Friday, November 17th

Please note: replication of all files out to regional datacenters will take significant time. Specific editions will be available first, with the full range becoming available over several hours. We will be posting CD iso images to begin, followed by DVD images.

We will be shipping Windows Vista Ultimate & Office Professional Plus 2007 editions in the January shipment. All other editions will only be available from Subscriber Downloads which can be accessed from