What's next after Private Clouds, Personal Clouds?

For some time I've been following this Cloudmania and the latest buzzword invented is Private Clouds. So what is a private cloud and how is it different from our conventional datacenter. We even have kits and products and vendors that claim they can deliver privaye clouds. I look at this from two perspectives:

1- Public Cloud vendors are making plans to downscale their cloud based infrastructures and make them products. Enterprises can benefit from the experiences that the vendors put into these ultrascalable and ultrasecure infrastructures on their very datacenters.

 2- The word private cloud is the materialization of the cry of the end user. The biggest dream of every organization is to deliver the IT Services to all organizations by clear SLA's. Here the end user doesn't get involved with the internals of the IT organization but they receive the service with the requested qualities. One of the major area of frustration is the IT & Business alignment. There are hundreds if not thousands of book published in this area and still it is a problem. The end user expects the services they need to be delivered very quickly which is defined as making IT projects as mass customizations rather then implementations by John Zachman.

Defining the private cloud this way, I want to throw another idea here, the personal cloud. This is also not new, I do have a personal cloud for some time. I have a server at home which is connected to the internet. I can access my personal items and upload / download, VPN into my servers at home, connect to my mesh (www.mesh.com) device ring, devices, faxes, etc...

The moral of the story is clouds are everywhere but instead of riding the buzzword, as an architect I am trying to understand what problems is the cloud pattern trying to resolve especially at the enterprise level. As a last remark I do beleive that Microsoft has a good vision with the S+S strategy.