Communicating - Live on Channel9!

Our new show, "Communicating", is live on Channel9.  My teammate, Michael Scherotter, posted a great set of interviews with Technicolor, Starz, and Reborn Studio.  I love the Starz interview, you get a real behind the scenes look at how a well-known broadcasting company uses technology.

I just posted my first interview where I talked with Wayne Citrin of JNBridge.  We focused on the JMS adapters for .NET and BizTalk and Wayne walks through a few impressive demos.  When I first saw the JMS adapters, I knew that this is the sweet spot for .NET and Java interop outside the realms of HTTP based communication. 

One of the reasons I like the JNBridge solution is that they have already done the hard work of writing platform-specific JMS implementations under the hood for you.  That is, the implementation for IBM is different (and non-interoperable) with Tibco, for example. 

Sure, there are other options for talking to systems via JMS. Tibco has a .NET API for JMS, and IBM has a custom WCF channel for MQ.  IBM also had posted a beta of an XMS client for .NET, but I can't seem to locate the download on their site to provide a link.

The reason I like the JNBridge solution is that it allows you to configure which JMS provider you are using under the scenes.  You don't have to bind your code to a specific implementation, that is a detail abstracted away nicely for you by JNBridge.  Sweet.

Go check out my interview with Wayne Citrin of JNBridge to see for yourself.