I Need Your Help Planning for SharePoint Training

It's time to submit our FY09 plans, and I am looking for your help.  I've got a lot of really cool stuff to share with you around SharePoint this year (Enterprise Social Computing, integrating .NET 3.5 and Silverlight, creating solutions with SharePoint and Office 2007, integrating SharePoint and BI, and more).  Now, I need your help in figuring out how we can get it to you.

In-Person Events

I really want to create a series of events delivered around the US, where each event is a full day of SharePoint training.  Would you attend if this were lecture only?  What if it were a full day of Instructor Led Labs, where the instructor demonstrates how to build the exercise in the lab and then helps you to build it? 

Would you attend if this were stretched out to 2 days of content?  Two free days of training to help get you ramped up, with an instructor there with you to help you through the rough spots... would that be interesting?

Online Events

We're going to do a bunch of webcasts.  What type of information do you want us to focus on?  There's already a ton of information on http://mssharepointdeveloper.com, including screencasts, webcasts, whitepapers, and lots of other materials.  There are also the recorded sessions from the FireStarter event. 

Simulcast Events

The FireStarter event was really an eye-opener to me, as there were SO MANY people who attended it.  The fact that there was a single full-day event that was simulcast to 50 attendees in person and over 300 people online was amazing to me, emphasizing why I am asking this question.  People want and need help learning SharePoint development.  What if we did something similar to the FireStarter events and did the entire event online?

Virtual Classrooms

If we created a Labcast, which is online training plus an online virtual lab, would that be interesting?  The idea is that we would build a virtual lab environment and would create a virtual classroom with instructor-led labs.  Would you be able to focus on this type of event for an entire day, or would you find it easier to focus if you physically went to some location and did the labs there?

Here's another twist... what if we did a multi-week training course with homework assignments that leveraged the MSDN Virtual Labs?  Each homework assignment would be provisioned in a virtual lab, you just go online and do the lab at your leisure, and attend an online classroom style webcast each week.  Would you find it easier to have material delivered in this fashion, do you feel you'd get more out of this environment?