Time to Update That Old Machine With Some New Bits

Wow… lots of publicly available releases being announced.

WinFX Beta 2 and Windows Vista Beta 2

Office 2007

June CTP of Visual Studio Tools for Office v3

While these are still beta bits, I am upgrading my day-to-day machine tomorrow with the latest of everything. I have been running Office 2007 Beta 2 for about a week without any problems, so my confidence is high that the dogfood will go down easily.

If you don’t feel like installing the bits onto a machine, then spend some time checking out these web sites:

www.IIS.net has been launched. This is a really cool idea, centralizing lots of information on IIS. I can’t wait to get some content on there! I have got a couple ideas already.

weblogs.ASP.net received a much needed face lift. Looks awesome! Feeds still show up in Outlook 2007, so nothing broken is always good news.

www.ASP.net has also received some updates. Changes aren’t hugely evident at first glance, but you are going to find it much easier to Get Started.