Favre Watch 2008 Continues…

packers Okay….what the heck is going on???!!! I apparently wasn’t paying enough attention to this whole thing. It was my understanding that Brett Favre asked for reinstatement, the Packers offered him options to tryout, he refused and then he wanted his release. I was angry at Favre thinking he didn’t want to come back to Green Bay and was unwilling to compete for the #1 QB position. Now I find out that the Packers were never going to let him compete for the position (isn’t that what training camp is supposed to be all about??!), refuse to release him, refuse to trade him inside the NFC North division, and now have not only asked him not to report Training Camp, but are willing to offer him $20 Million dollars to stay retired?

I’m sorry….but that’s asinine.

I wish Brett hadn’t retired. I wish he had made his announcement to return earlier…..but, the fact of the matter is this: You have one of the greatest QBs in the history of NFL football, a fan favorite who has been a significant marketing tool for your team, someone who has comeback and played games after multiple personal tragedies, holds numerous NFL records….and bottom line….give your team the best chance to win a Super Bowl….

….and you want to pay him to stay retired?????

I’m not a rocket scientist by any means, but the Packers organization owes Brett Favre $29 Million dollars over the next 3 years, when his contract would expire. I don't think Brett is coming back because he’s invested poorly. I doubt I’ll see Brett Favre working at The Home Depot in Hattiesburg, MS trying to explain to me how to install my toilet. He has a passion to play, and while he didn’t handle the “un-retirement” thing as well as I would have liked, why can’t the Packers management just drop these petty arguments and PUT THE TEAM ON THE FIELD THAT GIVE YOU THE BEST CHANCE TO WIN? He has followed the proper procedure for reinstatement and now you don’t want him back? And now you’re saying you “might consider trading him in the NFC North after all”? Why is now all-of-a-sudden a better idea than before? It’s not, but the Packers management seems hell bent on destroying not only Brett’s legacy, but their own as well.

Mr. Thompson and Mr. Murphy, I’m not telling you how to run your team……but please remember your job is to put the best product on Lambeau Field every year, regardless of your personal objections. Favre is the best chance to win a Super Bowl and if you don’t see that……we’ll never win one with you at the helm.