Hello Baby!

Frantic in Dallas

I’m back…after a long absence.

The last 3 months or so have been crazy in my life. After my trip to London and Edinburgh in mid-September, I returned home patiently awaiting the delivery of our son in late-October. We went to the doctor on Monday, September 29th and the sonogram looked great. No worries. I was slotted to go to New York on Wednesday of that week. I asked the doc if it was okay for me to head out on Tuesday, speak on Wednesday, and then return Wednesday night. A quick turnaround. “Go”, he said, “this baby isn’t coming until late October, right on schedule.” I generally trust doctors, so I kissed my wife goodbye and headed to New York.

I got a voicemail from my wife as I landed in Cincinnati to change planes: “GET HOME NOW!"

I immediately call home, but my wife is being admitted to the hospital, and I can’t reach her. I get in touch with her parents and am told everything is okay with her, but she had to be admitted and I needed to get back. I then begin calling American Airlines trying frantically trying to arrange a return flight. I got hold of my wife and was assured that she was okay. I got in late and immediately rushed to the hospital.

Our first child was born on October 2nd, 2008. (He is currently in training to join the Green Bay Packers in 2031.)

random 011

After his birth I had 4 weeks of vacation and 4 weeks of parental leave. Now that we’re in 2009, I’ve dug myself out of email and now I’m ready to hit the ground running.

So What Ya Working On, Kai?

Well first let me say that I have been spared the first round of layoffs that we announced a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I have several good friends who were let go. My thoughts are with them and their families. Let’s hope this economy thing fixes itself sooner than later.

I’ve also been working on getting sessions submitted for TechEd 2009. Here’s the ones I submitted and their status. Love to hear what you think about the sessions. Are these good ideas or what would you like to see?

You've heard the buzzwords for the computing that takes place outside the walls of your company - Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), Grid Computing, Storage in the Cloud, etc. Have you considered the security risks that such a paradigm shift presents to your business? Security is one of the biggest hurdles preventing the move to "computing in the cloud". Join Kai Axford, a Sr. Security Strategist with Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group as he identifies and discusses the IT security risks such a move could have on your organization.

It's about time! Microsoft has just released the multi-server solution targeting the mid-size business after years of enterprise and small business love. Your thinking about making the move to EBS...but what about security? Is this a "full featured" Forefront TMG? How do the filters work in my Exchange Server security? What flavor or System Center do I get and how do I use it? Join Kai Axford, a Sr. Security Strategist with Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group as he demonstrates and discusses this mid-size product in a highly interactive and engaging session.

IT security people understand technologies and security risks. Too often we miss out on getting the budgets we want and need, simply because we don't know how to justify the project to the non-technical bean counters. In this session, you'll learn some simple capital budgeting and project justification methods such as NPV and IRR that CFOs love. We'll show you how you can use tried and true financial analysis to prove that you really do need that bright shiny firewall appliance. Heavy on the geek, light on the finance.


Are you tired of Death By Powerpoint? Too much Microsoft lecture with little time for questions? Afraid of another monotone PM talking about some (yawn) topic? Then check out "The Security Show v2.0"!!! This interesting talk show format brings together the top security minds discussing the toughest security issues of today. The best part is we allow you to get involved and interact with the guests. Don't delay! Limited seats are available for this daily show!

DAY 1: The Cybercriminal Underground
DAY 2: SDL and Why Should I Care?
DAY 3: Inside the Microsoft Security Response Center
DAY 4: Chat with a Ninja