Meet The Feds: Part 2

We start off this episode with Agent Lynd explaining to us the danger of botnets and who these bot pimps are targeting. We see that some of these bad guys are using these “zombie networks” to commit extortion (or face the wrath of my botnet doing a DDoS against your business.) Good stuff.

Allyn goes a bit further by providing us with a real-world case study. He can’t provide names, since this case is currently under investigation. It’s a network intrusion case where the offending company was consistently undermining and low-balling the victim on all of their contract bids. Think this can’t happen to you? Maybe it already is. This company only realized it after losing over $160 Million in contracts. Since I’m want to ensure you’re protected against this stuff and not just scaring you….Allyn provides 3 easy things that you can do to help mitigate this risk.

Enjoy Part 2 and I’ll get started on editing Part 3 today!