Not your Mama's Webcasts: Kai does the Defense in Depth Webcast Series

KaiExecPhoto Hopefully you were able to join me for a terrific two weeks of webcasts!! In 8 sessions we covered every layer of the security model known as "defense in depth". For those of you who missed out on the great fun we had, here's a way to go and check out the recordings. I did the best that I could to ensure that things didn't get dull and we avoided the "death by PPT" issues. I even tried to add some guest stars and some slick demos, as well as a segment called "What's on Kai's Mind?". Check them won't be bored!

The reviews are in! Hear what your peers had to say!

  • Kai Axford starts off this series with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. This was a very informative and frankly eye-opening session. I'm going to watch the whole series!
  • Working on policies right now, thanks Kai!!
  • Folks at Microsoft - keep Kai Axford happy and keep those webcasts coming. Kai takes the often dry topic of security and makes it strike home with his descriptive and colorful examples and approachable manner. Even my non-tech parents would be able to understand this, and yet it's helpful to tech person like myself as well - an excellent balance.
  • I really enjoy Kai's lively and down-to-Earth presentation style!
  • An informative and enjoyable webcast. Kai Axford is a dynamic and engaging presenter - definitely on my Top 10 list!
  • Fantastic information! This series just keeps getting better. Please bring it on.

Security—you hear about it every day. Being responsible for information security can be a daunting task, so where do you begin? From the design of acceptable use policies to preventing insiders from stealing data, the job can be a challenging one. Join Senior Security Strategist with the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Group Kai Axford, as he explores each layer of Defense in Depth during this eight-part webcast series. Kai shows you how mitigate the new risks in security and may have you rethinking the methods you’re using. He also spends time talking about your hot topics of the day.

TechNet Webcast: 2008 Defense in Depth Security Series (Part 1 of 8): Why Does Security Matter? (Level 200)

In the first session of the series, we discuss risk and the impact of security on the business. We look at some popular methods to assess risk and identify the need for an overall security strategy. We also explore why you should care about information security, how to measure the success of your program, and how to prove it to your boss using the concept of Return on Security Investment (ROSI). Learn how security impacts the cash flow of your business. Bring your CFO to this one!

TechNet Webcast: 2008 Defense in Depth Security Series (Part 2 of 8): All Bark and No Bite (Level 200)

In our second session, we take a look at what is considered to be the most important aspect of information security: security policies. We discuss the policies that exist within your company and how to strengthen them. After all, what good is a policy if it is not enforceable? We also investigate the most cost-effective way for you to increase the security posture of your business. What is it? You have to tune in to see! You will not be disappointed.

TechNet Webcast: 2008 Defense in Depth Security Series (Part 3 of 8): Gates, Guards, and Guns (Level 200)

Today we look at an aspect of information security that is often overlooked by technical folks. It is the physical security aspect of our job. Are you aware that every year at DEFCON there is a lock picking contest? In this session, we dive into various techniques and methods that we should be considering when it comes to providing physical security around our datacenters. We discuss some of the recent trends in this area, such as IP video surveillance, and also discuss resources that can assist you in coming up with a good overall physical security plan. (No locks were harmed in preparation of this session.)

TechNet Webcast: 2008 Defense in Depth Security Series (Part 4 of 8): Living on the Edge (Level 200)

In case you are not aware, the Internet is not a safe and happy place. Have you thought about all the other branch offices and partners you are connected too? Bad things are going on and you would like to do what you can to keep them out in the wild. In today's session, we look at some of those risks, and also discuss some technologies you should be considering when looking at securing the perimeter. You know about Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and firewalls, but are they doing any good? Is the DMZ as we know it today…dead?

TechNet Webcast: 2008 Defense in Depth Security Series (Part 5 of 8): Keeping Your House in Order (Level 200)

We start the week by discussing a problem that is close to your heart: your network. But how can we even begin to take on that challenge? What are some of the things on the horizon that we need to be aware of? In this session, we look at technologies and concepts such as IP Security (IPSec) Domain Isolation and Network Access Protection (NAP). We also look into some practical things that you should be doing right now to protect one of your most valuable assets.

TechNet Webcast: 2008 Defense in Depth Security Series (Part 6 of 8): Save the Box, Save the Network (Level 200)

Servers. We all love them. Wouldn't it be so much easier if we simply did away with everything else? There is no argument that the multitude of desktops, laptops, and mobile devices has created headaches for the IT security professional. Just when you lock down a desktop, the sales guy gets a new laptop, and then a new mobile phone. We cannot (legally) eliminate the users, but join us to see what we can do to stay ahead of the risks!

TechNet Webcast: 2008 Defense in Depth Security Series (Part 7 of 8): If You Build It (Securely), They Won't Come (Level 200)

Grab the caffeine and pizza! Today we step into the dark underground of AppDev and discuss methods for securing applications that run inside your infrastructure. As we harden the network and hosts, the bad guys are looking for other ways in, and often it is the applications being written by your own developers. Do your developers have the time and tools required to build their applications securely, or is security merely an afterthought? What tools are available to assist them? We show you today. No coding required.

TechNet Webcast: 2008 Defense in Depth Security Series (Part 8 of 8): If a Terabyte Falls in the Middle of the (Active Directory) Forest (Level 200)

Got data? Sure you do, but how much? Where is it? How is it protected? What is it worth to you? Which is the most important? If you could save only one database, which would it be? Answers to all these burning questions, as well as some closing thoughts from Kai, are going to be covered in this final session. You do not want to miss this electrifying and intense final webcast!