The FBI Celebrates it’s 100th Anniversary!

imageI had the distinct honor this week, of attending the Bureau’s 100th Anniversary celebration event here at the Dallas FBI Field Office. (I’m the one that’s not blurry in the picture on the left) The event itself was very well done and the speeches by both Special Agent in Charge Casey and by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-Texas), were absolutely greatness. Sen Hutchinson (full disclosure….I’m a big supporter of hers!) did a wonderful job talking about the wonderful work these agents are doing to protect America and how they truly embody their mantra of “Fidelity. Bravery. Integrity.”

After the speeches, the FBI had setup up some static displays that illustrated some of their case work and capabilities throughout their history. Of course, I spent most of my time hanging out with my buddy on the FBI SWAT team. Got to see all the new gear. It was like “Old Home Week” for me. <sniff>

Again, a huge thanks to the FBI for the work they do both day and night to provide security for this country. It’s a privilege and an honor to work with these fine gentlemen.

Here’s some more video of the festivities at the event:

Dallas Morning News -

(Yes, it was a bit hot…almost hit 100 degrees…that explains all the fans and the short speeches!)