Win Next (8?)?

I’ve heard of Mary Jo Foley. “She’s got the run of the campus,” according to a colleague of mine in Redmond. And it shows! Here’s what she’s published about Win 8. And knowing that Steven Sinofsky’s the Windows lead. He’s a stickler for timing. He delivered Office 2007 and took over the development of Win 7, post Vista.

Mary’s not too happy with the Windows Phone 7. I’m actually quite impressed with it. Maybe that’s MS favoritism, but it’s a neat device. I hate the fact that Tasks are not synced OOB w/Outlook, but that’s the price we’re paying for mistakes past and for trying to come in ahead with a consumer device. And make note of that WP7 is first and foremost a consumer device and a business device after, for now.

A thought for the day: “A minute’s thought would solve the issue, but thinking’s too painful and a minute’s too long.” Thank you Mr. Crerar for that thought. I hope you’re well wherever you eloped to, with our librarian.