Computerworld’s Top 20 Reasons Why Windows Vista Will Be Your Next OS

Computerworld has a comprehensive write-up on Windows Vista that just went up a couple days ago. One highlight for me was reading Scot Finnie’s comments on some of the work we’ve done in the graphics stack with Windows Presentation Foundation and the Desktop Window Manager. Finnie says:

Even in Beta 2, it seems to me that Microsoft has surpassed Apple's Macintosh OS X in the area of rapidly rendered, well-formed 3-D graphics. For the first time ever, Windows will offer graphics mastery.

Graphics mastery! Wow. Big words.

Later on in the write up, he goes on to say that he still likes Exposé better than Flip3D, so we still have some challenges. We’ve fixed many of his issues with Flip3D in RC1 already, so maybe we’ll win him over with our final bits. Time will tell.