Mike remotes the DWM from a Virtual Machine

Mike Kolitz posted some instructions on how to get Aero to run in a VM by using remote desktop to connect to the VM through our updated RDP client.

This brought to mind something that people often ask me about the desktop composition system and its relationship to WPF.

As I've said before, we use the same underlying graphics stack as WPF for our rendering to the display. One of the really great upshots of this is that we have some very powerful remote-desktop support as a result... when you connect from one Windows Vista machine to another using the updated Remote Desktop client that ships in Windows Vista, you'll actually get the full Aero experience automactically! This works because all the rendering is done on the local machine instead of the remote machine. You can even get Aero when connecting to a machine using a client that has a modern graphics system even if the remote machine wouldn't normally support Aero.