Using Flip3D on Vista Build 5219

I've had a number of folks ask me how to use the new 3D window switching functionality we have in Windows Vista build 5219.

Here's the rundown on how it works in the 5219 build:

  • Use Windows-Spacebar to invoke
  • Use arrow keys or mouse-wheel to cycle through the windows
  • Hit <enter> key to select front most window, or click on a window to select it
  • Hit <Esc> key to cancel

We will be changing the keyboard interaction for this feature very substantially before we ship – making it more similar to alt-tab in terms of making it easier to iterate through the window list, and other things as well. What’s in 5219 is there really just to support getting the graphics up and running - part of giving out more frequent intermediate builds between betas means that folks consuming those builds get exposed to a little bit more churn in stuff like this than would be ideal.

At the end of the day, I think getting the early look at how stuff works is worth it to people.