Explore WPF with Karl Shifflett's Password Manager App

If you're seriously interested in using WPF for line of business apps, you're probably already familiar with Karl Shifflett's clean, clear and informative how-to articles on Code Project.  His latest is a real treat. Exploring a Model-View-ViewModel Application; WPF Password Manager, Cipher Text delves deeply into the WPF UI Design Pattern, Model-View-ViewModel or MVVM.

Karl's article is about MVVM coding scenarios and techniques, but the resulting application is cool as can be, and looks fantastic with it's Expression Blend enhancements.  The extensive use of Karl's popular XAML Power Toys Visual Studio Add-In makes this tutorial even more useful. 

Karl didn't get to be a Code Project MVP two years running (congrats on the 2009 win, Karl!) for nothing.  His articles are packed with pictures, code, videos and easy to follow instructions, along with the release and source code.  I don't know a better instructor and his passion is for WPF is contagious.  Karl was a Microsoft MVP in 2008, until he was snagged by the Cider team to work on WPF Designer.


WPF Password Manager, Cipher Text Application

Application Features
  • Data stored in encrypted file
  • Flexible password generator
  • Instant full text search feature
  • Nine pre-established data entry forms (can be modified at run-time)
  • Run-time modification of a record's shape and field behavior (add, change and remove fields)
  • Run-time configurable case correction rules
  • Dynamic and rich field validation based on assigned field behavior
  • Single click copy of any data to the clipboard
  • Nice WPF UI
  • "How To" usage video for getting the most of Cipher Text
  • Single file XCOPY deployment

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