Back To Blogging

After quite a hiatus from the blogsphere, I'm back, motivated in part by other people writing about me. First, there was Kris Cells' post -- 'nuff said. Then, there was Aaron Skonnard's post that implies my absence must have greater implications for the zeitgeist of UDDI.

On Aaron's post: While I am guilty for not maintaining my UDDI blog, I must explain that it was due to a shift in my own responsibilities at Microsoft and not to anything related to UDDI's health overall.

These days, I am currently thinking about all things Longhorn, in particular, questions like

  • What does it mean for Indigo to be on every client node?
  • What are the Fundamentals in Longhorn and what do they mean for developers?
  • What is the roadmap and interop path to Longhorn? (Thus, the MSDN/PAG work on Migration and Interop in Longhorn.)

Expect future blog posts to address those types of questions, as opposed to the many vagaries of tModels. Nonetheless, UDDI, tModels and the like will always hold a special place in my heart. I think Dave Bettin's post is right on target, especially the reference to the Qwest case study, which I in fact wrote, and is a great example of how UDDI can be used in the Enterprise.