Live from FITC

Some sessions I've attended:


This morning was City of Wings -- from their site: "The Hive is a unique and multi-layered community based on an enchanting shared-world of image, dreams and meaning. It explores humanistic themes like duality, emotional responsibility, conflict and individualism through a surreal tightly knit society of insects."  Very compelling "2 1/2D" world created in Flash.  In building the game, they ended up building a tool for building worlds called REMWorks. 


Then, there was Tronic Studio -- lots of broadcast work, but quite a bit of web work as well, along with installation pieces.  Conceptually very tight and visually inspiring. 


Yesterday, I checked out Processing, another engine for 2d/3d design work. 


Overall, it has been an inspiring conference, in that everyone here is interested in pushing the technology for the sake of ideas.