More on the Amazon Web Services

I wanted to provide a little more context on the Amazon Web Services.  First off, for those that aren't familiar, the Amazon Web Services are Amazon's platform web services, a powerful platform that allows programmatic access to all of the Amazon data. See the ECS Documentation for more.


To use the services, you will need a Subscription ID, which is free and easy to acquire.


There are some great resources out there for using the Amazon services above and beyond the materials on Amazon's site:


First, check out the Amazon Web Services blog


Second, there is a great site call AWS Zone. Perhaps the coolest feature is a code generator that generates code for you based on any function of the Amazon API, which is vast, in C# or VB.NET.


Third, keep an eye on the AWS forums, which is well monitored and a great place to get help if you are having issues.


Lastly, the samples I mentioned in my last post that show an ASP.NET web control in C# and VB.NET are now posted on Amazon's official samples page.