.NET 3.0 Shipped and MIX07 Announced: What Better Way To Celebrate Than With A Cool WPF App From ReMIX Japan?

So, if you haven't heard the news, .NET 3.0 shipped along with the SDK!  The Visual Studio Extensions aren't official yet, but they are looking better with every build. And, in addition, MIX07 has been announced.   It wouldn't surprise me if it sold out. 

 So, what better way to celebrate than checking out this media browser done by NHK, recently demo'd at ReMIX Japan, screenshots below.  The screenshots don't do the application justice, so it is worth it to watch the video, as you'll see all kinds of nice animation interactivity, 3D, media and more.  (To jump right to the demo in the video, select the 7th "chapter".)  There is another demo worth watching at Chapter 42 by the web agency Second Factory with TV head people (screen shots below). I can't wait to see more and more applications emerging written on top of WPF, as people get more and more creative having the shackles of earlier UI limitations lifted.