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Tim recently posted a list of all the Silverlight screencasts that are being hosted up on  I authored five of them, all of which are focused on using Blend, which I fall more in love with each passing day. 

The first three, which you can find here and here and here, are pretty darned simple, showing different vector drawing tools in Blend and animation techinques in the service of making a vector chicken cluck.

The fourth, inspired by the recent studies that have reported the protein links between chickens and T. rex fossils, is not far from a lot of the work up at You're The Man Now Dog.    I was hoping to post it up at, but they only allow you to post animated gifs and mp3s.  You can see it here.  (I wish I could embed it in this blog post, but I can't.  Bummer.)

For the last one, I needed some video content -- what better than footage I took myself ... of chickens. I used the new Silverlight streaming service to host the video.  It is a little confusing at first to use the service, as I didn't realize that they were hosting not only the video asset but javascript and xaml as well.  Thus, you have to .zip up all the files and include a manifest. Also, if you use Expression Media Encoder, you have to choose a template for your media. If you don't, you won't get all the nifty generated .js files that you need to create a video skin.  But once I figured that out, it was pretty simple.  You can see the results here.