I'm here at MIX07.  Nice to finally be here -- one of the reasons my blog has been rather quiet of late has been the work in the run up to MIX.  I've been involved in all kinds of fun stuff involving WPF, Expression Blend and Silverlight, which I'll finally be able to start highlighting.

One of the projects I've been most fired up about is what I'm calling Flittrbook, a WPF screensaver mashup of Twitter, Flickr and Facebook that is running here at the conference.  I worked with Tim Aidlin, a designer at Microsoft, to create a visualization of photos and twitters at MIX.  It is now running as the screen saver on all the PCs at the show, in the blogger's lounge and the mashup lounge and on the big screens as people file in for the keynote.

Flittrbook pulls a feed of anyone who is a follower of MIX07, any photo posted to Flickr tagged MIX07 and any photo posted to the Facebook official MIX07 event.  I had a blast writing it and will be releasing a modified version shortly, source included, which will allow a person to configure the screensaver such that it pulls customized feeds from Flickr and Twitter.

Here we go yo: Web 2.0. 

Oh, and if you're interested in my Twitter feed, my handle is irhetoric.