This post has nothing to do with WPF, Expression, Silverlight, Vista or pixels. Rather, it has to do with web service discovery and with my former role at Microsoft in working with UDDI. I had a bunch of resources up on GotDotNet which I have had to migrate with the phase-out of GotDotNet.  These resources include a couple of interesting white papers I wrote on using UDDI to catalog RSS, how to register RSS in the Windows Server implementation of UDDI and a WinForms sample using the UDDI SDK to read and publish blogs to UDDI.  (I'm still proud of these!) Also included in these resources is my UDDI blog, which has some nice nuggets including "The Strange and Curious World of tModels".  Lastly, there is a UDDI resources page.

My UDDI blog is also evidence that I was blogging as a Microsoft employee back in 2002, using Don Box's spoutlet codebase, which was a super simple and elegant RSS engine that uses XML and XSL to provide both HTML and RSS compliant XML, 1.0 of course given the time this was written.  I also find it amusing that I posted an entry where John Udell complains about the lack of Microsoft bloggers. He now is on a sister team with me at Microsoft.  Funny.