Release of my book - Getting started with BizTalk Services

It gives me great pleasure to share that the book Getting Started with BizTalk Services authored by me and Jon Fancey, Integration MVP, was released on March 28!

About the book

This book is intended for those who want to understand BizTalk Services, what it can do, and how to build integration solutions using it in their organizations.

This is a practical book that acts as a clear and concise introduction to BizTalk Services. Full of real-world scenarios, each area of BizTalk Services is explained in detail, essentially enabling you to smoothly design your own integration solutions with minimal effort.


The book is divided into eight chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Hello BizTalk Services – gives an overview of the cloud integration technology
  • Chapter 2: Messages and Transforms – talks about transforms and its capabilities
  • Chapter 3: Bridges – talks about Bridge as a key messaging artifact
  • Chapter 4: Enterprise Application Integration – discusses EAI concepts and examples
  • Chapter 5: Business-to-business Integration – discusses B2B concepts and examples
  • Chapter 6: API – discusses programmatic access to BizTalk Services
  • Chapter 7: Tracking and Troubleshooting – talks about the errors and tools to troubleshoot common problems
  • Chapter 8: Moving to BizTalk Services – talks about migration from Server to Services

Sample Chapter and Ordering

The sample chapter 3 is available here for reading!

You can order the complete eBook and/or the hard copy from


Scott Guthrie and Vivek Dalvi have written the forewords for the book
If you have any questions/feedback on the book, feel free to reach out to me through my blog/twitter.

-Karthik Bharathy

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