Log Parser Studio - Upgrading from V1 to V2

If you are installing Log Parser Studio for the first time, you don't need anything in this post. If this your first time using LPS please see this post which explains the prerequisites and how to get LPS up and running quickly.

If you already have LPS V1 installed and you have been modifying existing queries and/or creating your own queries and adding them to the library there are a few things to be aware of. The changes that may affect upgrades are the schema of the library itself and, you'll need to import any custom or modified queries that you may have added in V1.

Ideally you will want to use the new V2 library then import your modified queries from V1. So, if you have custom V1 queries you wish to keep and you want to use LPS V2 along with it new queries, consider the following steps:

1. Before running V2, open LPS V1 and export any queries you wish to use keep using File > Export > Library as XML. You can select only the queries you wish to export by using CTRL+CLICK.

2. Run LPS V2. If you see any warnings about not being able to read/find/load the library or if you are asked to attempt to convert, just cancel and allow an empty library to be created.

3. Now choose Help > Recover Library to generate the new V2 library.

4. Now we need to convert and import the queries you exported earlier and merge them into the new V2 library:
     » Find the custom queries XML file you exported earlier and drag-n-drop it onto convertlib.exe.
     » Convertlib will attempt to convert the exported queries to the new format.
     » If the conversion is successful, use File > Import > XML to Library, load *_converted.XML.
     » Choose Merge Now to merge these into the new library. Do not choose replace now!

5. If you don't have any custom queries you wish to keep, just run LPS V2, if the library fails to load, cancel any warnings then Help > Recover library.

The above covers most the common scenarios. If you don't have previously saved V1 queries you care about none of the above really applies other than step 5.


  • If you have V1 and simply want to upgrade to V2, just run V2. If there are warnings that the library can't be found/loaded then cancel the warning, Help > Recover Library.
  • If you have V1 and you also have custom queries in the library that you don't want to lose, export them first from V1, convert with convertlib.exe and import back into LPS V2.
  • If you don't have LPS V1 and you just downloaded LPS V2 and want to use it now you don't have to do anything.


LPS is designed to be self-contained, in other words it doesen't require an install. If you decide to place LPS in a protected location such as the Program Files directory you must check the check box for the option below in preferences. If you run LPS from a protected location you will get access denied errors when saving queries etc. If you run LPS from any other non-protected location you do not need this setting:

"Store library in AppData folder for UAC compatibility" [x]

Lastly, you can enable the option even when it isn't needed if you want all LPS V2 installs to share the same library.