Moving from ASP.Net AJAX Beta2 to RTM

Yesterday, I was moving some of my samples written for ASP.Net AJAX Beta 2 over to RTM and here are some of the things I encountered that might be useful to you

  • The assembly name has changed from Microsoft.Web.Extensions.* to System.Web.Extensions.* - the change aligns nomenclature to already existing assemblies in .Net frameworks. This will require to change references to the assembly in web.config
  • The <httpModule> ScriptModule's namespace changed from Microsoft.Web.UI to System.Web.Handlers, another update in config. Also any other references to Microsoft.Web.* should be changed to System.Web.*
  • The new validator controls have been removed and thus the tag mapping section in configg should be commented out. For scenarios involving validators in UpdatePanel these will be made to work by updating the existing ASP.Net v2.0 validators and providing a patch with these updates soon

Voila, the application should work again. There is also a handy and much more detailed whitpaper available for this on the site.