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Updated 11/15/2010.

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 WPF Navigation Region Navigation Sample

The source code for the above Prism 4 Region Navigation sample is attached to the bottom of this post.  Since the presentation I’ve added a button, pointed to by the below red arrow.  This button allows you to refresh the data.

The reason I added this was because the first time the application loads the data, there is a little delay while Entity Framework initializes itself, the database is loaded and the web service is initialized.  This initial application startup cost is a one time cost, after this the application is very fast.  Remember, the ListBox on the left has 1,000 rows in it.


Please Note

This application uses a an oData Web Service from the web project.

You MUST start the web service before starting the application.

To start the web service, right click on Web\ThePhoneCompant.DataService.ThePhoneCompanyService.svc in the Solution Explorer and select view in browser.  This will start the web service and make the oData endpoint available.

Next, ensure that, “ThePhoneCompany” application is set as the startup project for the solution.

Press F5 or CTRL+F5 to run the application.

IE9 Users - IE9 Beta does not have the best experience when working with ASP.NET Web Services. Many times will take forever, seem like it's not doing anything and will then come back to life. If you get an error, just press refresh, then ignore the message about a root folder. You can now run the application.

I have another blog post on the TPL Library implementation that I’ll post on 11/16/2010.

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