Acropolis August CTP (VS 2008 Beta2 Refresh) Release available now

Since VS 2008 Beta2 RTWed, I have gotten quite a few customers asking when we'll be refreshing "Acropolis" to work with VS 2008 Beta2. Today, I am VERY happy to annouce that "Acropolis" August CTP (aka VS 2008 Beta2 Refresh) is available! :)

This release is mainly an update so that our customers can continue to evaluate “Acropolis” with the latest VS 2008 Beta. In addition to VS 2008 Beta2 support, we have also added one small feature named “FloatingLayoutPane”. We have gotten feedback from our customers and in our forum that basic functionality like showing a floating window is too hard in the July CTP. Please let us know what you think.

Please note, the Acropolis August CTP depends on VS 2008 Beta2, it will not work with VS 2008 Beta1.

Download the bits:

- Acropolis CTP & Documentation

- Acropolis Samples for August CTP

The links will also be posted on soon.

A special thank to David Poll, Acropolis' PM intern this summer, who help spec and drive Acropolis August CTP. Thanks David!