Silverlight 2.0 Beta coming soon ... (with Rich Controls)

I have been quiet on my blog since my Tech Ed trips and the Acropolis annoucement. Some of you may wonder what I am working on next. As we start rolling some of the core Acropolis ideas into future frameworks, we need to make sure that the future framework itself is a productive and successful framework.

Today, Scott Guthrie (my VP) annouced the Silverlight 2.0 release. In his annoucement, he mentioned:

"Rich Controls: Silverlight will deliver a rich set of controls that make building Rich Internet Applications much easier.  The next Silverlight preview release will add support for core form controls (textbox, checkbox, radiobutton, etc), built-in layout management controls (StackPanel, Grid, etc), common functionality controls (TabControl, Slider, ScrollViewer, ProgressBar, etc) and data manipulation controls (DataGrid, etc)."

If you were familiar with what I was working on in Acropolis, it should come at no surprise that I will be working on the set of Rich Controls for Silverlight now. :) I hope to take the customer feedback we got from Acropolis, along with learnings in the AJAX framework and deliver some awesome controls.

In coming months, I hope to be able to share some of my experience in designing, building and shipping these controls with my loyal readers! I bet some of you can already guess which controls I'll be owning. :)

Out of curiosity...  What are the top controls do you want to see in Silverlight?