Juval Löwy speaking at VISUG event this month

Don’t miss Juval Löwy’s second user group event with the VISUG takiing place this month. Juval is speaking on the .NET Service Bus (part of .NET Services in the Azure Services Platform).

When: 15 January 2008, 18h
Where: Utopolis, Mechelen

Session abstract from the site:

The .NET services bus is part of the new Microsoft Cloud Computing Windows Azure initiative, and arguably, it is the most accessible, ready to use, powerful, and needed piece.

The service bus allows clients to connects to services across any machine, network, firewall, NAT, routers, load balancers, virtualization, IP and DNS as if they were part of the same local network, and doing all that without compromising on the programming model or security. The service bus also supports callbacks, event publishing, authentication and authorization and doing all that in a WCF-friendly manner.

This session will present the service bus programming model, how to configure and administer service bus solutions, working with the dedicated relay bindings including the available communication modes, relying on authentication in the cloud for local services and the various authentication options, and how to provide for end-to-end security through the relay service.

You will also see some advanced WCF programming techniques, original helper classes, productivity-enhancing utilities and tools, as well as discussion of design best practices and pitfalls.

There are still some seats available so be quick to register at www.visug.be.