MIX essentials agenda update

We have just uploaded some changes to the MIX essentials agenda, as everything is now getting confirmed.

In addition to the sessions that were already online when I first wrote on this event, new ones have been confirmed. And not to forget we have a very special guest for our closing keynote: Steve Ballmer.

As you might have seen we have two separate tracks: developer and designer. When registering you can choose the track but this does not prevent you from changing tracks during the conference. 

Developer track sessions

Building RIAs with Silverlight 2 (Tim Heuer)
Learn how to use Microsoft Visual Studio and Expression Blend to create Silverlight applications, how to create UI using XAML markup and code and how to customize the user experience to create unique experiences for your users.

Developing with Windows Live (Catherine Heller)
Learn how to build dynamic and interactive applications using the Windows Live platform. This session will cover APIs that enable streaming media, messaging and authentication

Working with Data and Web Services in Microsoft Silverlight 2 (Gill Cleeren)
Learn how easy it is to utilize POX, REST, RSS, ATOM, JSON, and SOAP in your Microsoft Silverlight mashup applications. Also learn how to easily access and display data with Silverlight using LINQ and databinding.

Designer track sessions

Digital Creativity - Now and the Future... (David Pugh-Jones)
This session focuses on digital creativity and the evolution of advertising opportunities online now and in the future... explaining why advertisers need to re-think the way they communicate and reach out to consumers. Showcasing compelling and innovative rich media experiences including examples of collaboration with clients, agencies and creative, encompassing demonstrations of new and exciting Microsoft technologies including Silverlight and the next generation of video content online.

Beauty & The Geek (Rich Griffin & Felix Corke, Conchango)
The perfect blend of right brain and left brain
In this session, you will see a real world team of a visual designer, whose primary world has traditionally been in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and HTML/CSS; and a developer, whose whole world has mostly been Visual Studio. These guys work at Conchango, one of Europe's leading web design agencies, on Silverlight & WPF projects, and have learned how the designer/developer story from Microsoft works in real life.
In this session you'll get strategies, tools, tips on workflow and design approach with relevant real project case studies. Also, some useful snippets to get you started with Silverlight and DeepZoom, with Expression Suite and Visual Studio very quickly indeed.

Virgins, Spaceships & Total Experience Design (Paul Dawson, Conchango)
When was the last time you thought about touch, taste, or lighting when you designed a website? Experience Design must go wider than simply 'the Web' for any business. Using well known brands like Virgin and Harrods as case studies, you will learn how to create Experience Architectures that touch all customer interactions and how great offline customer experience can flow into digital media.

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