Modern.IE: new tool for web developers for browser testing and compatibility

Earlier this week, Microsoft launched Modern.IE: a new web base tool that helps you test, identify, and correct browser compatibility. Whether you are on Windows or not, Modern.IE will help you optimize your site for cross-browser compatibility and provide lots of guidance and tools to help you implement it.

To discover what Modern.IE is all about, check out the video below and then dive into the site to start benefiting from the tools.


The main features:

1. Scanning a web page

The page scan tool detects common coding practices that may cause compatibility problems, giving you clear indication of where the issues are occurring and providing you with guidance on how to solve the issues to deliver a better experience to your users.



2. Virtual testing tools

Testing on multiple versions of Internet Explorer is hard. With the virtual test tools, Modern.IE delivers two solutions to help you:

  • A free 3-month subscription to BrowserStack that allows you to test your sites through a web based application, without the need to setup a virtual environment.
  • Virtualized environments for you to download on Windows, Mac and Linux


3. Code with standards guidance

A great overview written by Rey Bango and Dave Methvin on coding practices and patterns for building modern standards-based sites while still supporting older versions of Internet Explorer.

Highly recommended: Modern.IE.