My first TechReady experience

I’m writing this as I’m flying home from Seattle to Brussels via Amsterdam. Feeling a bit cramped here as the person in front of me just put het seat back. But well, that’s with flights right. I have just enough space to open up my laptop and see the whole of my screen. Open up Live Writer and preparing my post-TechReady post (that does sound funny :-). I can hit Publish button as soon as we land.

I’m returning home after attending Microsoft’s biggest internal technical conference in Seattle. Having joined last year I now got the chance to attend this 5 day, 800+ sessions event with topics for every techie’s need. It’s called TechReady, this is the 7th edition so we tend to call it TechReady7 or abbreviate to TR7.

Although I’ve been to TechEd events before but this event does feel different, we are all part of the company and because it is held close to campus in Redmond we have the chance to see a lot more of the guys (and some girls) of the product teams. Since this is also an internal event the type of information that we get is looking ahead to the coming months, and did we get to see some very nice stuff! I wish I could write about some of it. PDC will be the time when much of it is announced publicly.

Topics and sessions
Without mentioning any details of future releases, I can however divulge the type of sessions I went to. We got to see and learn about the trend the company is taking is regards to software development. To give you an idea, some of the topics are these:

  • Roadmap information on the new version of Visual Studio and .NET
  • Live platform (Virtual Earth, Live APIs), new protocols
  • Live Mesh
  • Software + Services
  • and much more, not so future looking like .NET 3.5 SP1, WPF, ASP.NET, MVC, SharePoint…

And not to forget a totally crazy session named Mobility Smackdown; If you want to get an idea of the excitement around this session check out a video made last time…

Special sessions
As part of DPE, Developer & Platform Evangelism, we had the chance to see Scott Guthrie and Anders Hejlsberg for two Q&A sessions. It was fascinating to have a chance to meet people that I have been looking up to since a long time.

And not to forget the top speakers we got at the keynotes: Ray Ozzie, Norm Judah, Kevin Turner and producer John Landau speaking about the new Avatar movie.

TechReady was also an opportunity to meet some of my peers from over the world: Marc (he has an original domain name :), Quixing, Mitsu, Paolo, Mike, Jorge, and so many others!

Seattle is an international hub during this week, or that’ what the sales guy at the sports store told me.

Oh, is it true that it always rains in Seattle? The event was held last week, this is the middle of Summer, but we did manage to get rain a few times. So I guess it is true after all…

TechReady7 logo at the Convention Center in Seattle.

100_0533 View from the Space Needle onto Seattle downtown.


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