Quick tip (link): Enterprise Library 5.0 Silverlight Integration Pack released

The Patterns & Practices team has released Silverlight Integration Pack for the Microsoft Enterprise Library.

What is it and what’s inside?

Enterprise Library application blocks are a very popular download for enterprise developers, providing guidance and reusable components.

The Silverlight Integration Pack contains a set of building blocks focusing on Line-of-business (LOB) Silverlight applications, porting the desktop version and adding functionality for Silverlight projects. Building blocks include Validation Application Block, Logging, Exception Handling Block, Caching Application Block, Interception & Policy Injection Application Block, Configuration support and a reference application.

NuGet support
Both Enterprise Library 5.0 and Enterprise Library 5.0 Silverlight Integration Pack are available as Windows Installer Packages (MSI) via MSDN or as NuGet packages. The configuration tool is also available as a Visual Studio extension package (VSIX) from the Visual Studio Gallery.

>> Go to the original article: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/agile/archive/2011/05/11/silverlight-integration-pack-for-microsoft-enterprise-library-5-0-released.aspx


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