Quick tip [link]: Native Extensions 1.0 for Microsoft Silverlight

As has just been announced on the official Silverlight Team Blog, Native Extensions 1.0 for Microsoft Silverlight (NESL) have just been released.

What are the native extensions?

Native Extensions for Silverlight is a toolkit that contains a set of Silverlight libraries that enable Silverlight 4 out-of-browser applications to interact with cool Windows 7 features. The NESL are an effort to incrementally build a library of components that expose select Windows 7 features through COM automation, making them easily available to Silverlight 4 OOB applications running with elevated trust. The current libraries provide access to Windows 7 features like Sensors, Portable Devices, Speech, Taskbar and more.

Direct link to post: http://team.silverlight.net/announcement/announcing-native-extensions-for-microsoft-silverlight-version-1-0/
Download the toolkit: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/nesl
Webcasts: there are already two webcasts planned on the toolkit, be sure to check out the recorded version or attend the next one on January 25th.


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