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Are you ready to talk Apps? Are you ready to design Apps? Are you ready to develop Apps?
Then Windows App Day, on November 23 in Antwerp is something you cannot miss. When we say Apps we mean Windows 8 Apps, Windows Phone Apps and Windows Azure Apps and last but not least, Web Apps, from design to development.
During our first Windows App Day we’re packing the agenda with national and international speakers to talk about App Development, User Experience and Design.


The speakers? All actively working on apps, design & the web and ready to share learnings and best practices.
We’re bringing over folks like Dave Crawford and Tom Eddings from the Windows 8 and Windows Phone Centre of Excellence team, Microsoft (UK); Nathan Gonzalez from Clarity and Maksym Hryniv, the maker of Contre Jour; Leslie Cottenjé from PurePlexity, one of our Belgian Windows 8 UX experts and, Belgian turned international speaker Bart Claeys now working at Ratio Interactive in Seattle.
On the developer side we’re going deep into the new Windows Phone 8 SDK with Maarten Struys, the power of Windows Azure Mobile Services with Kristof Rennen, custom controls with Diederik Krols. To finish off developer track we go into a real-world case with Kevin Dockx. As you can see, more than enough content to provide a day worth outside of the office.

Join us and get inspired!

  • All About Apps: Windows 8, Windows Azure, Windows Phone and Web Apps
  • The opening keynote is 100% focused on Belgian cases, welcoming attendees from both the developer and UX tracks.
  • After the app keynote we split into two tracks: one focused on UX, designers and web experts; a second one for developers.
  • Feel free to switch tracks during the day to compose the schedule of your taste. Find detailed info on the sessions and our speakers on our Windows App Day page.


Don’t miss this first Windows App Day on November 23rd!    

When: Friday 23 November 2012, 9AM to 6PM Where: ALM Meeting Point Filip Williotstraat 9 2600 Antwerp (Berchem) Entrance fee: free, but registration is required

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Hint: we’ll be announcing an interesting Windows App contest so you might want to get working on some apps before and after this event! More to come very soon, or join us for the full announcement on the 23rd.