REMIX 2009 – all recorded sessions now online

ReMix Brussels 2009 was held at the end of September 2009. We had a great day with a general opening keynote and eight technical sessions on Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, Expression Blend and general UX around Surface.

Four speakers from Microsoft corp joined us in Brussels and continued on to Helsinki, Vienna and Lisbon for a ReMix Europe tour: Adam Kinney, Arturo Toledo, August de los Reyes and Brad Abrams. For the Belgian event we also had Belgian MVP Maarten Balliauw join us for a session on ASP.NET MVC.

If you were unable to attend or missed a session, there is good news. All sessions are now available online for on-demand viewing.
You will notice there is also a link with all the partner testimonial videos (with Emakina, LBi, The Rerence, Paratel, Ordina, These Days, Ventigrate, RealDolmen and DigiPoint).

Next to accessing all videos, make sure to check out the Announcements page where you can find more information on the most important announcements we made during the keynote:

  • WebsiteSpark
  • Web Platform Installer & Gallery
  • Silverlight and Internet Explorer 8 Contests (still a good month to go!)
  • Start to Silverlight training
  • Getting started links – for Silverlight and Expression Blend