Silverlight Analytics Framework

If you have been building Silverlight applications for public facing sites, chances are you need to measure its usage and in that way maybe monetize. Until now if you wanted to integrate analytics into Silverlight you were left to extra development effort or integration with JavaScript calls to the host page.

Good news, last month at MIX the Silverlight Analytics Framework (SAF) was released. It supports a range of analytics vendors including Google Analytics, Nedstat, Comscore and many more.
This framework is ready to be used directly in Expression Blend with custom behaviors so you can add tracking without having to write any code. You can use the framework for normal Silverlight sites and applications but it also integrates with the Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework so you can track media usage.


  • Supports Out-of-Browser
  • Supports Offline Scenarios
  • Supports multiple analytics vendors simultaneously
  • Supports Design Tooling for Expression Blend
  • Supports A/B Testing
  • Supports Analytics in SketchFlow applications  

Download and see more details at the framework’s homepage on CodePlex.

Also recommended: watch the MIX 2010 session on the framework presented by Michael Scherotter who has done a great job with this framework.