TechDays 2009: SharePoint pre-conference update

This year TechDays gives you the possibility to follow a deep technical full-day pre-conference on SharePoint development, on March 10th 2009. We specifically chose SharePoint development focused on all the new features of .NET Framework 3.5. Maybe you already work with SharePoint but are not yet using Visual Studio 2008, with features like LINQ, new WCF support and more.

You might not know but I did my share of SharePoint development in the past, so I guess it makes the pre-conference even more important for me because of the topic. I’m really looking forward to this day. Anyway, that’s just a side note.

The pre-conference is tailored so that even if you are only using Windows SharePoint services it still is applicable to you. Only some of the stuff is specific to MOSS. Thanks to Jan for making sure this happened!

Who’s speaking?

We got Jan Tielens, MVP and famous for his SmartPart for SharePoint; and Lieven Iliano, trainer at U2U same as Jan.

The sessions

SharePoint 2007 Architecture and Development Overview
Jan Tielens/Lieven Iliano
In order to develop on the SharePoint platform, a good understanding of its developer architecture is essential. This session will start with general overview of SharePoint’s main components that are of interest for the developer: Farms, Web Applications, Site Collections, Lists and Fields, Features and Solutions, etc. Having seen the architecture we will then review the WSS Visual Studio 2008 Extensions as well as a set of community tools that will help you with your development process for SharePoint.

Using LINQ with SharePoint
Jan Tielens/Lieven Iliano
LINQ was first released with .NET Framework 3.5, which was after the release of SharePoint 2007. But that does not mean you cannot take advantage of this new technology in your SharePoint development. We will start with an overview of existing LINQ providers today and how the CAML queries work. Then we will show you how you can take advantage of LINQ to query SharePoint data with the LINQ to SharePoint provider, querying both list and document data from an external application as well as using LINQ for custom development inside SharePoint.

Consuming and exposing SharePoint services using WCF
Jan Tielens/Lieven Iliano
Did you know you can also take advantage of Windows Communication Foundation in conjunction with SharePoint? We start off by reviewing the SharePoint APIs (the SharePoint Object Model and the SharePoint Web Services) before introducing WCF. You will learn how to host you WCF services and also how to use SharePoint as a WCF host. At the end of this session you will know when to use the out of the box SharePoint APIs and when to use WCF to accomplish the right task.

Using Workflow Foundation 3.5 with SharePoint 2007
Jan Tielens/Lieven Iliano
This session starts off with a crash course into Workflow Foundation 3.5 and SharePoint workflow and how to use Visual Studio 2008 for this. We then move on to authoring custom workflows using ASP.NET forms and InfoPath, as well as building Custom Activities. At the end of this session you will have a depth look into SharePoint workflow and how to develop custom workflows and activities and taking full advantage of WF 3.5.

Integrating Silverlight 2 into SharePoint
Jan Tielens/Lieven Iliano
Silverlight is Microsoft’s new Rich Internet Application technology, which can be used in conjunction with SharePoint to give your end users a much nicer and more dynamic user experience. This session teaches you how to integrate Silverlight 2 within SharePoint. We start off by addressing the setup and configuration needed in SharePoint in order to make Silverlight integration possible. Then we will see how you can access SharePoint data directly within a Silverlight application and how you can build Custom Field Types with a Silverlight UI. Extending you WebParts to use Silverlight as an interface is also addressed. By the end of this session you will know how to take advantage of Silverlight inside SharePoint.

Reasons enough to register right? Early bird is ending today so still a few hours left!