TechDays 2010 – Update Three: .NET 4 Pre-conference

Good news if you are looking for an update on the content for the .NET 4 Pre-conference at TechDays. We’re happy to confirm our speaker for the pre-conference: no less than Matt Milner from Pluralsight will be talking at TechDays.

120x240Here’s what you can expect: 5 sessions that will give you a jumpstart on the new .NET 4 Framework.

What’s new in .NET Framework 4.0
Every new version of the .NET framework comes with new features, enhancements to core libraries, and some great new libraries.  Learn about the improvements in .NET framework 4 including updates to C# and VB.NET, the introduction of MEF, the Dynamic Language Runtime, and parallel programming extensions.  We will also cover some of those less glamorous, but highly useful additions to classes and libraries you use every day like System.IO and System.Net. 

What’s new in ASP.NET 4.0
The web programming framework in .NET has seen a great deal of growth over the past few years.  This session covers the new features for web programming ASP.NET 4 including request routing, MVC 2, updates to Dynamic Data, and improved control over the rendering of controls.  In addition, we will discuss the new features related to search engine optimization (SEO) and deployment in web applications. 

What’s new in WF 4
Learn about the completely rewritten Windows Workflow Foundation in .NET 4.  We will cover the programming model, data flow, hosting, and execution of workflows. Learn how you can use workflow to simplify the development of your web and rich client applications. 

What’s new in WCF 4
WCF 4 brings with it simplification of service configuration and improvements to the discovery and monitoring of services.  See how these improvements along with the new routing service can address scenarios such as versioning, application routing, and other common requirements that benefit from more decoupling between the client and service.  In addition, we will discuss the improvise to the REST (web) programming model and workflow services.

Entity Framework / Data Services in .NET 4.0
Data programming in .NET 4 has undergone a great deal of work based on customer feedback.  This session will cover the improvements made to Entity Framework (EF) to make your data layer more testable, the use of POCO objects and T4 templates for customization of the entities, and more.  In addition, we will cover the improvements to the Data Services programming model including updated support for databinding, query projection, and custom data providers.  

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