Ten reasons to attend Web & Phone UX Tour on November 3rd

On Thursday November 3rd you can attend the Web & Phone UX Tour event in Belgium (at Ter Elst in Edegem). It’s a full day full day encounter of web, phone, user experience and development content. Whether you come from the design and user experience angle or a more technical one, two tracks are there for you to choose. You can register for one of them and switch tracks as desired during the day itself.

I just heard we have a few seats left, so maybe you need a few reasons why not to miss it and register. First come-first serve.
Here’s my top ten why you should not miss the event:  

  1. Top speakers and content: do we really need more than this reason?
  2. A general keynote from Microsoft Design: Metro, Multiscreen Experiences, Kinect and the Future. Delivered by product team members Arturo Toledo and Corrina Black.
    Do I really need to go further in this list?
  3. HTML5 will no longer be a confusing umbrella term for you: learn how to use HTML5 and CSS3 today
  4. Focus on User Experiences and the Metro Design Language: your Windows Phone app will never be the same
  5. Learn how to take advantage of new ‘Mango’ Windows Phone 7 features with speakers like Gill Cleeren and Christophe Peerens
  6. Learn how to take your JavaScript to the next level with the right patterns usage
  7. In the same way, learn how to take your jQuery skills to a more professional level, learning from the expert Elijah Manor.
  8. Learn about one of the of new concepts to address multiple screens with Responsive Web Design (learn folks actually implementing it: Bram, Simon and Thomas)
  9. Networking with your peers, Microsoft product team members, the speakers and local experts
  10. It’s free! Yes, free as in beer. And this is Belgium so there might actually be some beer at one time or another…

Register and see you there!