Three new Chopsticks screencasts by the community

We published three new videos produced by the community today.

Two videos by Hans Le Roy

Hans Le Roy has created two screencasts on the new IE8 Beta 2: one intended to give you a quick overview of the new functionalities and one specifically for developers in which Hans explains the new developer tools.

In case you don’t know Hans, he is an MVP on Internet Explorer and has a site and blog with lots of Internet Explorer information.

Note: all the above content is available only in Dutch

New screencast on ASP.NET MVC Framework: Forms

This is Maarten Balliauw’s third screencast on the ASP.NET MVC Framework. After the first two, “Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Framework” and “Test Driven Development with the ASP.NET MVC framework”, this screencast shows you how you can implement form interactions in ASP.NET MVC.