VISUG event with Juval Lowy, October 14th

The guys at the VISUG have done it again: Juval Lowy is visiting the country for an training class organized by Pieter Gheysens and like past editions they managed to get Juval for a free VISUG community event as well.

This time Juval will be presenting “The Architect”, still some places left so be fast to register.

Session: The Architect by Juval Lowy
Date: 14 October 2010 – 6PM
Session abstract: The software industry is in a deep crisis. Projects suffer from low quality; schedule slips and cost overrun are common. But this is hardly ordained, since there are plenty of examples of projects done on schedule, on budget, on quality in a repeatable manner. The key for solving the crisis is to practice software development as an engineering discipline, just like it is done in mechanical or electrical engineering. That is exactly the responsibility of the modern software architect. Armed with that crucial observation Juval will share his perspective on what is the key set of skills required of the architect and what it implies both to companies and to individual architects.