Windows Store expanding to more markets including Belgium: get your app ready

Last week the Microsoft Windows Store blog announced an expansion of the Windows Store coming soon. By the next milestone of Windows 8, the preview release of Windows Store will include new markets and new languages.

Currently Windows Store includes five markets in Consumer Preview: France, Germany, India, Japan and the United States and China, as well as a “Rest of World” setting that all other regions get to see. By the next milestone Microsoft is adding 33 new developer submission locales, expanding the possible reach even more.

And there is good news for Belgian developers: in addition to being able to publish to the new markets, developers will also be able to target a Belgian market specifically.

>> To learn more, please read the official announcement post: Windows Store expanding to new markets .

For developers and companies in Belgium and Luxembourg I’d like to take reiterate our support in getting your apps ready. We have training events (online webcasts as well as hands-on sessions), App Clinics to discuss apps face to face and validation of the app through Excellence labs which is your ticket to a Windows Store token later in the process.

Don’t hesitate to join us at either step of the way:

  1. Metro Map with all free events listed per date, make sure to register in time:
  2. App Clinics book a slot with an evangelist or consultant (your ticket to the App Excellence Lab) – note Belgium & Luxembourg only:
  3. Discover how your application can be monetized in the Windows Store:

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