A gem in the Microsoft art collection, and a gem of my own

Yesterday, I stumbled across some great photographs in a building that I spend very little time in. And fortunately, the artist has the pictures up on his web site. It's a simple idea, writing messages in sand and taking pictures of them, but what I liked was the theme - five photos of encouraging phrases taken together is the example I saw. The perspective is also flipped which is an interesting twist.

Although when you look at his web site, you'll see that not all of the phrases are uplifting:

Regardless, I still think they are nice, interesting enough that I stopped to inspect them even though I was already late for a meeting.

And while I'm on a photography kick, I love this shot of Jared and myself that we got today so much that I want to share it (it's been sharpened, leveled & light effect-ed in photoshop):