And in the spirit of RTM and the holiday season...

I leave you with this lovely poem, penned by Donald Livengood at HP and included here with his permission:

Twas nearly a fortnight before Christmas, and on December the 8th
TAPs and RDPs waited patiently, each having some faith
Their testing now done, and not seeing a blip
They all wondered quietly if E12 would ship

The datacenters all quiet, as silent as crypts
Only a few clever tasks executed by PowerShell scripts
The Admin with his latte, and I with my chai
Had just settled down to watch 007, the Spy

When what had arrived, ah, the awaited milepost
A new note from Microsoft, I noted from toast
I sprang to my client, could there be a stall?
When all of a sudden, I received a new call

I reached for my phone, but did I really care?
If I did not answer, it’d arrive right in there
Yes in this same client, the e-mail one see
‘Cause with E2007, it works with VoIP

And UM’s not all, there’s Edge and it Rocks
As do Hub and the CAS, and of course the Mailbox
There’s the log shipping stuff, that helps you recover
And client config via autodiscover

Different forests work together, their function conjoint
And OWA now integrates well with SharePoint
There’s far bigger changes, like 64-bit
And anywhere access is some really cool… stuff

There’s I/O reduction, trading memory for disk
LCR & CCR help lower your risk
Single Copy Clusters are the N+1 way
And those A/A clusters have now gone away

Some stuff’s gone or is going, and what of their fate?
The Redmond crew uses the word “deprecate”
No more RGs, or AGs, or X400 for us
AD site, versus linkstate, makes routing no fuss

There’s loads of new features and we should not forget
Those really cool shell functions called command-lets
The functions are many, more than in this long spiel
The question remains, is it still RC or real?

- Donald Livengood
<Sent from one of HP's Exchange 2007 servers>